New England Kayak Fishing was created on May 24, 2005 with the goal of becoming the premier kayak fishing information site for the New England region. The founders realized the sport was increasing in popularity at an incredible pace and it was time to create a place where people from the region can get reliable unbiased information and meet new people to fish with. A web site was created which quickly caught on and became very popular due to the positive vibe that is maintained and camaraderie among it's membership. In 2005 we decided to start an annual kayak fishing tournament for the area, The NEKF Mass Bay Striper Shootout. We had less than 20 participants in 2005. Now, 4 years later we have 3000 members on the NEKF site. In 2008 we had over $13,000 in raffle prizes for the shootout and was able to help out 2 local organizations raise funds.

We quickly realized that NEKF was getting too big for just a couple of us to handle. In 2008 we decided to organize as a non-profit tax exempt sport fishing club under section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Service. This was done to make sure that NEKF would continue to grow and ensure it's future as a top resource for kayak fishing information. We installed a formal organization with a board of directors to help guide NEKF into the future. In 2009 the board introduced our supporting membership program to help raise funds to support the organization and our annual expenses. We encourage all supporting members to get involved with the organization.

President - Hammerhead
Chairman - Divebuss



Gregg is often found fishing the freshwaters of New Hampshire or Coastal Mass with his two sons.  An avid kayaker, Gregg reaches out to  the kayak fishing community through his participation in NEKF and his blog on

Gregg paddles Jackson Kayaks with Werner Paddles




Rick is a long time kayak angler and diver.  He owns Belle Isle Kayak Adventures in Winthrop.  When he isn't renting kayaks, he can often be found fishing for stripers and flounder in and around Boston Harbor.

Rick fishes from a Hobie Revolution or one of his dozens of other kayaks!



 Vice President- Jeff270
     Treasurer - Magpie 
Jeff270 600 

Jeff started fishing as soon as he could walk! He quickly fell in love with stripers and blues while fishing with his Grandfather on Cape Cod. Several years ago, he discovered kayak fishing while looking for a way to access fish without the bother of trailering a boat from his home in Central MA. He now spends most of his weekends fishing the coast from Cape Ann to Cape Cod with his son and NEKF buddies.

Jeff fishes from a Hobie Revolution.

  Magpie Copy 

Brian got into kayak fishing after paddling upon a blitz in RI while kayaking in the summer of 2005. He became a member in late 2005 and has been hooked ever since. He can be found fishing in both salt and fresh water around MA and RI out of his yellow Hobie Outback.





 Secretary - Bluz






Don fishes the waters of Maine, but is often found at destination tournaments like Jamaica Bay or TKAA.  Don is a veteran and an ardent supporter of HOW.      
Content Committee
Slappy (Eric)
Membership Committee
Garbageband (Tomo)

Eric has been a member of NEKF from the beginning and moderates the rod building forum. He fishes Boston Harbor year round for stripers, but also spends time chasing freshwater fish in the rivers and ponds around Boston.

Eric can often be found tossing Hogys from his Hobie Revolution in the middle of the night.

  Tomo 210x210

Tomo started fishing at a young age in Tokyo Bay, catching scad mackeral. He's been kayak fishing since 2006, and mainly fishes the saltwater across New England out of his Hobie Revolution.

As much as Tomo likes fishing, he loves to eat fish. His favorite fish to eat is false albacore in the fall.

Shootout and Event Committee
Capestriper (Eric)
Advertising Committee & Board Member
Stinking Wally (Mike)

Eric has been helping organize, find sponsorships and raffle items for the shootout since shootout 3. It's only fitting that he be in charge of organizing our biggest event this year since he's done such a great job over the years.

Eric Fishes from a Hobie Outback and a Loon 138.

   Stinking Wally 600

Mike has been an ardent fisherman for his whole life, seldom passing a body of water, large or small, without thinking of casting a line. His fishing obsession follows a common arc: first fishing shore-side, then from a canoe, then from a series of increasingly larger boats until taking up kayak fishing several years ago. He primarily fishes the salt and fresh waters of the Massachusetts North Shore and Merrimack valley, but has been spotted, rod in hand, from the North Country of New York State to Costa Rica.

Mike most often fishes from a Hobie Revolution.

2015 Board Of Directors





Frogman (Chris)



Frogman 210x210

Chris has been an active member of NEKF since January 2007. He has beenfishing both saltwater and freshwater since his childhood, growing up in Hull. He started kayak fishing soon after building his first wood kayak in 1999. He has been completely hooked since.

His first kayak tournament was our own Striper Shootout IV, where he placed third in the open class.

Chris finds special pleasure in helping those that are new to kayaking or fishing.
Chris currently fishes from a Hobie Revolution, but still enjoys his Pungo


Billy is a long time NEKF member and a great resource to all New England Kayak fishermen. When not out fishing he can be found tied up taking a nap at the nearest lobster pot. 


Billy fishes out of a Hobie and has become a renowned presence in the rips of Boston Harbor. 




 Obie (Tom)

 Calm-Seas-Big-Fish (Matt)

 Obie 600

Obie sold his boat, bought a Hobie Outback and joined NEKF in May of 2012 and hasn't looked back , he has been an avid fisherman most of his life . Although he grew up mostly bottom fishing for cod, flounder, and haddock he has become addicted to chasing stripers from his kayak.

Obie lives on the south shore of Boston and can be regularly found walking his kayak from his house to beach at the end of his street for an easy launch into the bay.



 CalmSeas 600

Growing up on Boston's North Shore surrounded by all things fishing is how Matt fell in love with the ocean. From surf casting the rocky crags of Cape Ann to kayak live bait fishing the islands of Salem Sound to chasing Giant Bluefin Tuna on the bank you can usually find Matt on the water in some form from April through November almost daily. Matt has been an active member of NEKF since 2010, since then he has participated in many of the clubs gatherings including the NEKF Striper Shootout. Always willing to take a newbie under his wing, Matt enjoys watching other anglers succeed just as much as when his own rod bends!






 Rockport24 (Matt)


Sparky74 (Mike) 


Matt has been a NEKF member since the site's inception and is always willing to offer advice to new anglers. A self-proclaimed "North Shore purist" Matt is seldom seen outside of the coastal waters of Massachusetts' North Shore, where he loves to be at false dawn jigging up mackerel to feed to hungry striped bass.


  Sparky74 600

Mike has been an active NEKF member since 2009. He can be found fishing the waters of Boston Harbor and the North Shore from his Hobie Revolution.



NEKF Hall of Fame

NEKF is a 501(c)(7) Club


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