NEKF Supporting Membership Program

NEKF is a member supported 501(c)7 not for profit organization. The goal of the website is to promote kayak fishing and to create a home for discussion of all things kayak fishing.

To do this we need your support and we are announcing the NEKF membership program. Membership dues pay operating expenses, monthly hosting fees, as well as donate money to deserving charities. The Board of Directors truly appreciates your support.

NEKF has expanded it's membership program beyond the single “Supporting Member” Status for a contribution of $25.00, but also to include a family membership for $45 which includes your spouse and children under the age of 18.

We aren't passing out tote bags, but there are plenty of benefits for supporting members. Details of the Supporting Member program are as follows:

Membership Plan

Supporting Member: Any member who contributes $25 or family who contributes $45 to NEKF will be entitled to:

1)Voting rights to ratify the incoming NEKF Board of Directors that are nominated by the outgoing Board of Directorss. Being a supporting member is a prerequisite to be hold an office or to hold a position on the NEKF Board of Directors

2) Access to a forum where donating members will be able to access our quarterly financial reports, announcements of business aspects of NEKF, advanced announcements of events, discussion and nominations for future elections and possibly a way to vote in future elections or items that require membership votes.

3) NEKF Supporting Member Sticker

4) Basic supporting member rank image near your avatar on forum posts.

5) $10 discount to the NEKF Striper Shootout.yakpack

6) Access to the NEKF Record Boards.

NEKF will no longer be sending supporting member a YakPack card. Any NEKF supporting member discounts from our sponsors and vendors will be posted in the supporting member forum on our website.


                              REGISTER HERE

NEKF is a 501(c)(7) Club


- NEKF Supporting membership registration is now open for 2014!  See the top menu for the button to sign up.

-Check out the events tab in our forum for upcoming events.

-Thanks to all of our sponsors for making the 2013 Mass Bay Striper Shootout a huge success.

Become a supporting member of NEKF.
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