Wish The Shootout Started Today!!!

Discussion in 'NEKF Mass Bay Striper Shootout' started by BigFishLarry, Aug 12, 2017 at 3:00 PM.

  1. BigFishLarry

    BigFishLarry Active Member

    I am all geared up for my first Shootout! Looking forward to hanging with NEKF members I know and getting to know them better and meeting other members I have not met yet.......and catching some fish!!! I have not camped in about 20+ years so looking forward to that I have all my old gear ready to go! I am so ready I wish it started today!!! See you all there next weekend.....it should be a blast!!
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  2. Jeff270

    Jeff270 NEKF Vice President YakPack Board of Directors

    Rest up Larry! Its going to be a blast. See you Thursday.:p:p
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  3. RonnieT

    RonnieT Well-Known Member YakPack

    Glad you're making the trip.
  4. beef78

    beef78 Well-Known Member YakPack

    It's like Christmas Eve as kids growing up. Lol.
  5. sabo

    sabo Active Member YakPack

    could be me, but the fishing in Mhead *&^%$%&
  6. slappy

    slappy Moderator Staff Member YakPack

    It's just you...
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