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  1. gotstripers

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    Was a sightings day. First one was finding a nesting bald eagle on a small pond in Plymouth and then three right whales off white horse beach on returning home. Sighted lots of nice bass in the shallows, but the high pressure and blue bird sky's meant the pickerel were the only ones biting.
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  2. Bones

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    Cool!! Lots of right whales in the bay 100 plus that's cool
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    right on:rolleyes:
  4. gotstripers

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    The other sightings are a clear sign spring has spring, turtles on every log, some small and a couple diner plates. Still seems that pickeral have my number this spring and the number of nice bass cruising but not biting reminded me how frustrating freshwater bass fishing can be at times. One thing I have noticed is that many times prime structure is already under the kayak before you can see it and put a lure on it. On the deck of my old bass boat, I think I'd have a better shot at many of the bass I passed over in the yak.

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  5. Bones

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    Redbelly turtle there big foreshore the water is warming up fast with this weather bass are starting to make beds the fun will begin soon
  6. gotstripers

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    Watched five whales this morning from the cliffs south of the Plymouth power plant and was tempted to go home to grab the kayak, but thought better of it when considering he legal distance. Later this afternoon walked a trail alongside a local pond and spooked dozens of very large bass right up on the bank. Hundreds of bluegill, perch and fry also up shallow enjoying the warmth. Watching a pair of eagles work the other side completed my nature walk; what a nice day.
  7. Schooner

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    Saw a very large snapping turtle on Sunday by a cranberry bog - had to go 50 pounds.
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