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    Living in Cambridge, I usually try to keep my fishing as far away from the city as possible, but decided to finally hit my local waters and launched from Cambridge yesterday as I live a few blocks from the Charles. Caught a handful of 1 -2lb largemouth bass, but the scenery and the amount of structure sure does make for fun fishing. So much to explore. The duck boats do get annoying quickly. Had to put on headphones eventually as they were making me part of the tour and kept trying to chat me up. Every 15 minutes i would hear "Cleanest urban waterway in the USA, as you can see by our local fisherman 10 feet off to our side...hello local fisherman, say hello to the tour!" Regardless, it was quite a nice area to fish. No real boat traffic outside of the tours. Saw some monster marks on my fishfinder that make me wonder what else is swimming in there. Will have to repeat in the future.

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    I used to like fishing there and spy pond in Arlington. I may or may not have launched in Jamaica pond before I realized it was a rental boat area only. Seriously my personal best largemouth was a 7lb fish out of Spy pond.

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