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Discussion in 'Carp Forum' started by Lefty, Jun 11, 2017.

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    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Well it's been awhile so I'll catch up! Been staying pretty local lately cept for a trip to the St Lawrence with Wil that we cut short do to horrible weather. Did manage to in finally get Matty on some carp. Had an absolute blast watching "Joey" reel in close to 30 fish. He's already did a post but I will say I'm going to miss him dearly!!I did manage a couple trips to my Mirror spot and managed several nice fish up to 30+ lbs. I've spent a lot of time at a Boston Park lake and have caught a ton of nice fish up to 30 lbs. The carp have spawned so their weights will be down for awhile so I'll switch to the salt in the yak for a bit. A few pics all fish will be over 25 lbs with a few 30's mixed in .
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  2. Rockport24

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    Wow Lefty you are SLAYIN! and wait you are coming to the salt??? be great to see you out there again
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    Those are some world class carp!
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    OMG.......................hefty heifers fer sure................sorry you couldn't make it the other night, see you soon
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