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Discussion in 'Fly Yakkin' started by beef78, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. beef78

    beef78 Well-Known Member YakPack

    Fly guys: what fly box are we using for larger streamers? Some of the trout flies I fish are up to 5 inches and my normal fly boxes are pretty cramped.
  2. flyak

    flyak Well-Known Member

    You can pick up the foam hinged boxes. They have a magnetic lock and float. 5 in flies, no problem.
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  3. beef78

    beef78 Well-Known Member YakPack

    I think I am just going to have to dump my minimalist flystyle. Right now I have a small chest pack that I can fit two fly boxes in at most. I'm going to ask santa for a nice Vedavoo sling pack. That will probably help me.
  4. JigMaster5

    JigMaster5 Well-Known Member YakPack

    i've tried some of the expensive fly boxes - not overly impressed by them. Even the large ones are too small for decent sized flies.

    Cabela's sells a cheap poly fly box <$5.

    Poly Fly Box >> Slit Foam Fly Box $4.49 7 1/4" L x 3 5/8" W x 1 1/4" H

    I have 2. 1 for storage and 1 to bring out in the kayak with me. For the kayak, I put a rubber band on the box and then put the box in a ziploc with other stuff. Works for me! :D
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  5. albcorb

    albcorb New Member

    this one. my local fly shop has them for around $20

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  6. beef78

    beef78 Well-Known Member YakPack

    That's one of those cliff boxes? Cheapest have seen them was like 45 bucks. They are pretty awesome, though.
  7. beef78

    beef78 Well-Known Member YakPack

    What's your local fly shop?
  8. albcorb

    albcorb New Member

    Cotes Fly Shop in Leicester,MA open Wednesday thru Saturday 10 - 6, online and on facebook
    rod building supplier also
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