Some SW flies on a snowy day....

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by JigMaster5, Feb 12, 2017.

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    #6 Mustad C70SD big game hook. tiny hook but very strong. 1 has white polar fibre + flashabou. The other has unique hair + bill's bodi braid for flash. Both have bill's bodi braid + Tuffleye resin for the body. Might trim it down if the bait is very tiny, but left them long for now. i wanted something small + white for "snot bait"


    #2 Mustad C70SD big game hook. same recipe - just bigger for stripers.


    #6 Mustad C70SD big game hook. best albie fly for me last year. steve farrar's flash blend with a single strand of gold tinsel for lateral line. sometimes the schools of baby bay anchovies look gold in the water (the bigger ones look brown or even orange in a big thick school). anyway, they were digging this fly. the individuals are almost invisible with just an eye ball + some gold lateral line. might add a white belly later. looks better in the water on a fast retrieve (not as bulky).

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    Those look awesome!
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    those will slay 'em, hope you'll bring some to the swap meet
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    i'll bring some! :D
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