Shimano Teramar Inshore Series

Discussion in 'kayak reviews, gear, tackle' started by gotstripers, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. gotstripers

    gotstripers Well-Known Member

    Anyone fishing these? I was tasked with a neighbor to outfit his new 17' Montauk Whaler with two spinning outfits for the younger kids, one medium quality spinning rod for an adult guest and one higher end for himself.
    It was a quick $400 at Dicks for a tackle bag, a couple $70 Ugly stick rod reel combos for the kids and some terminal tackle, tools, net etc. Then off to M&D's in Wareham to see my friend Mike and get the two better outfits and man I can't wait to cast the outfit I picked out for him. I'm a big stradic guy, so it's got a new 5000 stradic on it, man is that reel smooth. The reel is mounted on the Teramar Inshore Series TMS-E70MH rod, rated 20-50lb braid and 1/2 to 2 oz lure weight and I can't wait to see how this 7 footer casts my bigger plastic. Amazing how a $1000 can disappear in an afternoon of shopping for fishing gear.

    We are heading into Plymouth Thursday to hopefully get his young son into his first striper and I'm anxious to see what the action is on this rod. If it's as nice as I think it's going to be, I might have to sell a setup or two to purchase one, although I don't know if Mike even has or can quickly get another one.
  2. jaucone

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    I have two X70MH and really like them. Paired them up with some 40 series reels (Penn and Quantum) and have gotten most of the PB's on them. Sensitive enough to feel the taps of a tog and the backbone to muscle up >30" stripers and blues.
  3. billybass

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    I recently picked 1 up and put a Van Stall on it
    boy can it cast
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    BILLJACK Well-Known Member YakPack

    You would pimp that Van Stall out on anything that CAST ....:D
  5. gotstripers

    gotstripers Well-Known Member

    I took a few casts with it yesterday in Plymouth Harbor and man it throws my big plastic a country mile and it seems pretty sensitive, although any decent rod with braid is sensitive. It was mostly a day to continue teaching a neighbor how to handle his 17 foot whaler and use the electronics to do some fishing in the bay. Tons of rats on the fish finder, that bay is filled with them, but marked some nice fish over by Clarks Island, but of course that happened right around 11:30 and slack high tide; no way those fish were eating.

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