Sandy Neck beach ?

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by Paul S, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Paul S

    Paul S New Member

    Is this a bad idea for a rookie in the yak FF ? I'm reading the Joppa post too , seems I may want to learn a little more before I go fooling around there.
  2. Jeff270

    Jeff270 NEKF Vice President YakPack Board of Directors

    As a rule of thumb, err on the side of caution. I don't have any intel for Sandy Hook, so I would defer to those that have fished it. Good on you though for asking the question, too many just go out blindly.
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  3. pctfly

    pctfly Well-Known Member YakPack

    I have fished the other side of the flats a half-dozen times. The current is strong along the main channel going into and out of Barnstable harbor. Some small rips can set up on some of the shoals inside of Sandy Neck. There are often a good number of boats cruising the channel and just past the flats. That said, it is not a treacherous inlet on par with the mouth of the Merrimack, or Nauset, for example, and the total amount of water moving through is much lower.

    I don't know about access on the Sandy Neck side, but I think it's an area that an intermediate kayaker could handle, as long as she or he is aware of the tides and, of course, has basic safety equipment. (Rule of thumb is ride the outgoing tide out, and the incoming back in). Many people fish the area by anchoring their boat or yak and wading, so it's a good idea to bring either a basic anchor or a sandspike.
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  4. Rockport24

    Rockport24 NEKF BOD YakPack Board of Directors

    Which Sandy Neck are we talking about?

    There is a little known Sandy Neck which is on the opposite end (southern end) of Plum Island in Newbury, MA. Maybe you are referring to that since you mentioned Joppa?
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  5. Paul S

    Paul S New Member

    Thanks Jeff, 20 years ago I probably would have just gone for it , not so much these days :)
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  6. Paul S

    Paul S New Member

    Thanks Pctfly, I fished the area on Sunday from a boat and thought it looked good for the yak but want to check in. I read on a yak page that it was not recommended for rookies but I think they mean in the fall. I'll get my bearings straight via google earth and make sure I'm on the same page with my questions. Pretty certain I am away from the inlet and in the flat area , maybe couple hundred yrds off shore in 30' water. We came up on a couple schools and I landed one. There was quite a few boats in the channel down at the outlet, think I'll stay away from there. Some of those boats were crusing too
  7. Paul S

    Paul S New Member

    Hey Rockport, the Sandy I am talking about is down the Cape but Plum Island is closer and I really want to learn the area with a yak. I got my Hobie from Little harbor Lighthouse and was thinking of that area too. I just want to be safe and catch a few fish , not make the evening news or something. :)
  8. Rockport24

    Rockport24 NEKF BOD YakPack Board of Directors

    Sandy Neck down by Plum Island is not a bad option, but not the easiest to access.
    That area by little harbor boathouse can be productive though!

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