Pollock fishing in Portsmouth

Discussion in 'Shore Bound' started by Tony_Noon, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Tony_Noon

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    Did some fishing for pollock up in Portsmouth tonight with some friends. I don't usually do much pier fishing so it was a nice change of pace. I guess last week the pollock were in pretty good while tonight they were kind of finicky we ended up with about 18 pollock of which we kept 6 larger ones, a couple of mackerel and a small cunner. Tried fishing for stripers and while something was playing with the bait, nothing took it. All in all a pretty slow night but I have some fish for tacos tomorrow so all is good.
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  2. startfish

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    We got some harbor pollock at Glocuester area. Most of them are 16" on the bigger side compare to last year.
    No macks and cunners. Friend caught some 12" cunner from pier but most are small. How big of the pollock and cunner you got from pier?
  3. prospector

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    Last night fishing with Shawn in Great Bay area ... no love from the big girls but a few schoolies up to about 18". Very strange calm , flat water night ... even the current was confused and not running its usual sprint for the area! Need to try some other places.
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  4. Tony_Noon

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    Most were 8-12" pollock. The bigger ones were in the 14 to 16" range. The cunner was tiny. We were looking for larger cunner though! 12" would be nice.

    Yeah, the water was murky too. We were wondering if the flooding up north might be effecting the water.
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  5. slappy

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    Try some small metal jigs tipped with bait like squid for the pollock/cunner.
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