Pickup truck rod transportation

Discussion in 'Monster Kayak' started by 103 yaker, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. 103 yaker

    103 yaker Well-Known Member YakPack

    Been using this for three years now and I'm glad I took the time to build it.Great for the guy that uses a pickup. l always had a hard time fitting some of my 8' rods in the cab. Haven't broken a rod tip or slammed a rod in the door since. Doesn't offer any security but gets them from point A to B safely.
    Not my idea saw this somewhere on the internet. Just tweaked the design a little.
    A little over 10' of 11/2" pvc , 8 T fittings, a couple end caps and a half hour of time.
    Holds 6 rods and I built it wide in the middle to leave room for the bow of my kayak.
    I know a few of the guys on here use something similar I figured I'd post this for the new guy looking for ideas. IMG_0190.JPG
  2. The Riddler

    The Riddler Well-Known Member

    Nice! Great idea. I would do this but I have that gay hard tonneu cover. I'm starting to think about the front bumper rod holder.

    Not bad PVC work for a 103 guy.
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  3. Jeff270

    Jeff270 NEKF Vice President YakPack Board of Directors

    For those that have Utili-tracks on your pick-up, here is an alternative. A set of four rod holders from Cabelas, something to mount it to, and $5 worth of hardware at Lowes. I like it because it doesn't take up any bed space. Loosen the two bolts and the cams will turn and you can slide it forward or aft. Rack1.JPG rack2.JPG rack3.JPG
  4. FastandFeared

    FastandFeared Member

    Great idea on the Frontier. Can you detail the hardware that connects the board to the track?
  5. hooked260

    hooked260 Well-Known Member YakPack

    its unistrut parts: http://www.unistrut.us/index.php?WP=S00_Ch_Nut.
    go to lowes or HD and buy the size that fits your rail.
  6. Jeff270

    Jeff270 NEKF Vice President YakPack Board of Directors

    In the interest of full disclosure, hooked260 came up with this idea. I just copied it!
  7. jcfishe

    jcfishe Member YakPack

    these are both awesome ideas! i should have done either a long time ago rather than shove them awkwardly out the back window and tangle everything up.
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  8. Tackle-berry

    Tackle-berry Active Member YakPack

    IMG_1170.JPG I added this, just below the cover.
  9. 103 yaker

    103 yaker Well-Known Member YakPack

    Good idea is that a piece of Azek trim?
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  10. Tackle-berry

    Tackle-berry Active Member YakPack

    No just wood trim that I painted white. Picked up the rod holders for like 4-5 bucks at Walmart. Mini bungees from the dollar store to secure the rods...just in case.

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