NOAA Chart + Google Map

Discussion in 'Weather and Nautical Charts' started by garbageband, Mar 25, 2008.

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  2. Dude

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    That's awesome!
  3. GBT

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    Ditto, This is cool!

    Thanks Tomo
  4. Lefty

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    Wow!! Thank you !!!!
  5. dwbuzzard

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    Thanks, Tomo!!
  6. Joe

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    Tomo nice find now someone just has to tell me where the floundahs are
  7. GBT

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    Joe their in the blue part;-)
  8. Joe

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    Man i did a little more digging on that site

    Check this out--

    You can basically look into thousands of Parisian apartments-- (damn it's been along winter)
  9. ndogg

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    Great find Tomo.
  10. medburd

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    :headbang :banana :headbang Thanks Tomo!
  11. Skunkt

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    Hi. Well this is a seriously old thread, haha.

    Question: Anyone know how to get weather buoys on Google Maps in 2017? :)
  12. Bones

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    NOAA and Rutgers and SST charts are the ones I use for info and water temp charts
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  13. jaucone

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