New boat from Jackson (sort of)

Discussion in 'kayak reviews, gear, tackle' started by Tony_Noon, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. hooked260

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    you going to make it to the cape this fall?
  2. flyak

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    That is my plan. Gotta visit my 3 favorite people. It would be 4 but one said I was dead to him.:D
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  3. Rockport24

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    I really think Riddler makes a good point here, all these new kayaks are just so damn heavy and wide, they can't be any fun to paddle or pedal! Call me a pussy, but car topping a 100lb kayak is NOT going to be fun, I don't care if you are the Terminator!
    And besides ones from Riddler, the only reviews we get from these non-hobie kayaks are people on goddam pro teams because NO ONE else around here wants to buy them and take a chance (I certainly don't) because everyone is so satisfied with their hobies in general. Sure, they aren't perfect by any means, but if the alternative is a 100lb barge, sorrry, this market ain't biting, that is clear.
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  4. markn

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    Nut swinger:rolleyes:
  5. Tony_Noon

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    I am not pro staff and I write reviews of all my boats and I try to be pretty honest about them. Many of the people I fish with use boats other than Hobie, including Native and Wilderness.
  6. RIyak

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    There are plenty of non pro staffers that use non Hobie pedal kayaks. The kayak shop here in RI couldn't keep the PDL and Radar in stock this spring. I also fish with many non pro staffers who use PDLs, Radars and Slayers and they are all very happy. I don't plan on doing a review for the PDL on this site because of all the pro staff haters. I will leave that to others like Tony Noon to do.
    Also here is my opinion as someone who actually owns one of the "barges". I car top my 87 pound PDL very easily. A 5 dollar bath mat on my trunk and slide it right into my roof rack. It's extremely easy. Also my "barge" has reached 6 mph and will easily cruise at 3.5.
    Saying no one around here wants to buy one is silly. My local shop had a waiting list for the PDL and Radar. Use what you want but no need to throw out #FakeNews.
  7. billybass

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    at the age of 62 and shrinking I want and need a lighter kayak I even have been thinking of selling my 2016 16' hobie. BUT albie season is peeking around the corner
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  8. Jeff270

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    Kayak's are like pickup trucks! Some like Fords and some like GMC, some like Chevys. They all work for the most part and most are loyal to their particular favorite. Try and convince a Ford guy to buy a Chevy. Let us know how that works out
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  9. beef78

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    A Porsche would handle the rips better.
  10. Tony_Noon

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    Ford guys will get Chevy's but try to get a Hobie er I mean Chevy guy to try a Ford! ;) LOL

    Back to the original topic. Blue Sky Boatworks are saying this is a fast offshore capable boat. They have the wheel set up designed to be easy to get into and out of the bed of a pickup truck and they say the twin narrow hulls are really fast. I'm curious, I want to see how it works for sure.
  11. pctfly

    pctfly Well-Known Member YakPack

    I don't expect to buy one, but this boat is more interesting to me than many of the other new fishing kayaks because it offers something significantly different with the high seat, which could be great for site fishing opportunities... A lot of the other new boats don't really offer anything new other than a different cupholder and geartrac layout.

    I am definitely in the camp of wanting lighter and faster boats. That being said, it's a free market, and I can totally see why lots of the yak companies are moving in the other direction. It would be hard to beat a Hobie Revo 13 in terms of something that is light, nimble, and incredibly stable and seaworthy. What are you going to improve on it?

    1). Drive: The mirage drive is hard to beat--some of the others might be as good or marginally better in terms of specific criteria, but ovearall the mirage drive is definitely a leading drive system, and has a track record and reputation that none of the other manufacturers can match (at least yet).

    2). Weight and hull design: The Revo 13 is already the lightest (full size, so not including revo 11's and Hobie sports) pedal drive in the market, as far as I know. It seems like it would be extremely difficult to make a comparable hull out of PE and make it more than marginally lighter without sacrificing durability. I would be excited to see a pedal-drive yak come out in a different material, but there are a lot of complications and costs involved in that. There's a reason that 90+% of the fishing kayaks we see in the USA are PE. I would be one of the first in line to buy a proven Revo 13 style boat out of Carbon, Kevlar, or some other ultralight, ultra strong material, but I'm not going to blame other manufacturers for sticking with developing boats out of plastic.

    3). Layout: The revo 13 is very functional. Sure, you could add another rod holder here, and a tray there, but it's going to be hard to do much without adding weight. Users who care that much can do most of those mods after market.

    So, at this point, it seems like Hobie has the lightweight, pedal-drive, oceangoing kayak part of the market cornered. And, the outbacks are relatively light as well, so for people looking for a little more utility and initial stability, Hobie still has it locked down. Ditto for people looking for a slightly faster boat in the revo 16...

    This wasn't meant to be a "hobie is better" rant--I'm just saying that it's apparent why other manufacturers tend towards developing boats that have more features (or gimmicks, depending on your point of view), such as super elevated seats or intense rigging layouts. The bottom line is that, for the part of the market that wants fast, functional pedal yaks and care about weight, it's going to be really hard to beat Hobie on the specs. Of course, everyone's mileage will vary, and there are plenty of legit reasons to prefer other yaks for your particular purposes.
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  12. Tony_Noon

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    The hurricane fiberglass boats with the Native drive are kind of a neat alternative. Unfortunately for me like the Revo they have a 350lb weight capacity. The new ocean kayak will be in the same weight range as the outback when you take the seat and drive out but it isn't set up for fishing and will take modification. The Pescador pilot 12 is an interesting boat that hasn't been brought up in the conversation. It is lighter than most other pedal drives. It has the lawn chair seat but it doesn't seem to be super high it has 500lb weight capacity I believe and it's only 33" wide so it is slimmer than most boats. I would like to give one of those a try sometime.
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  13. pctfly

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    I didn't realize, or had forgotten, that those existed. They look pretty cool, I'll have to look up reviews at some point. Looks like native also sells them with their own branding as the "Native Skimmer LT". The native site lists them at 62 pounds unfitted, which is only 8.5 pounds lighter than the revo 13 and 2 pounds less than the revo 11 (per hobie's website). Assuming both manufacturers misrepresent their weights equally, that's not a huge difference. I think that just goes to show how tough it is to shed weight on a seaworthy sit-on-top much below 70 pounds. Especially a boat that has the reinforcements necessary for a pedal drive.
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  14. Rockport24

    Rockport24 NEKF BOD YakPack Board of Directors

    Sorry guys, I was pretty sick last week and was probably cranky!!
    Look, I'm not trying to insult what kind of kayak people want to use, we all do this our own way, if a large kayak works for you, who the hell am I to insult you? I really wasn't trying to come off that way and I apologize to those who took it as if that's what I was doing.

    My main issue is we just don't see the type of kayaks that I would like to see out coming out from the large companies! Maybe I am just out of touch with the kayak fishing community in general (in fact I must be if PDLs are flying off the shelves), but at least in our little group here, we are probably 90% hobie. At every event, its all outbacks and revos. If these other kayaks are so great, why don't we see a ton of hobies in the classified section of this site from people trying to get these new boats? Why don't I see reviews from them online from non-pro staffers? Like I said, I must be out of touch, I am getting older and don't follow things as closely as I used to!

    And to address "pro staffer hate" of course we don't hate you! We love you guys, you bring attention to this sport and help get the word out, not to mention you are all really great fisherman (lot better than me of course!). You just have to admit when you are affiliated with a company, you are biased, plain and simple. I don't think that that discredits what you have to say about their products, but I will say that I find it VERY few and far between where a pro staff says anything remotely critical of a product, which just gives us the feeling that they aren't being honest, that's all. I'm not talking about anyone in particular here - just what I have seen over the years.
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