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Discussion in 'Monster Kayak' started by Rockport24, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. Rockport24

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    Ok update on this - I went with the carpet and 2X4 method and it worked pretty well this weekend, was good just to not have to do a dead lift of the thing and get it up over my head.
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    And rumor has it that the fish liked it too!
  3. Tony_Noon

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    Can I see a picture? I can't imagine it.
  4. T-Angler

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    I have the rino rack and it comes with a pole that attaches to the bar and goes to ground 90 degrees from the bar; can hold about 150 pounds with this pole, not too wimpy in my humble opinion. I use for my oasis. i use oldfloor mat to go under back keel, lift front onto bar, rest front on bar, go to back, pick up rear, push diagonal onto roof
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  5. Rockport24

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    it's literally a rug wrapped around a 2X4 placed on the rear edge of the roof of my car
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