Inexpensive Rod Leash

Discussion in 'kayak reviews, gear, tackle' started by P. Hughes, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. P. Hughes

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    Hi Guys,

    I was searching the web to make my own rod leashes last week and came across these inexpensive yet durable rod leashes (link below). I ended up ordering the 3 pack and I'm very impressed with the quality and more importantly the cost ($6/piece)! There was no tax or shipping costs and arrived in 4 days. They also sent me 3 nylon padeyes and 6 tri-fold rivets as a free gift.

    Figured I'd pass along if anyone was looking for an inexepnsive rod or paddle leash.
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    I get nylon dog leashes from the dollar store, cut the pot metal clips off and throw on an aluminum caribeaner also from the dollar store, often in a two pack. Not as nice as those but it ends up being $3 for two.

    The ones you posted look nice for things that the dog leash would be hard to attach to.

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