Go pro session with Floating handle

Discussion in 'Score!' started by Tony_Noon, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Tony_Noon

    Tony_Noon Well-Known Member YakPack

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  2. pacopepe

    pacopepe New Member YakPack

    +1 on B&H, I purchased all my photo gear in the last 10 years and never had a problem.
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  3. Jt_03

    Jt_03 Active Member

    Just pulled the trigger on this after a lot of research. Great deal - thanks for posting this.

    On another note, have you guys been to the B&H store in NY? It's not only huge, but it's all run by Hasidic guys and they have this crazy merchandise delivery system on tracks on the ceiling, going through the entire store.
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  4. Tony_Noon

    Tony_Noon Well-Known Member YakPack

    I got the step up deal for $179 everything in this one plus a remote. This one went up $10.
  5. Jt_03

    Jt_03 Active Member

    I got the remote bundle too. Great deal, given that they are selling the camera alone for $176.
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  6. 103 yaker

    103 yaker Well-Known Member YakPack

    Been wanting one for a long time,ordered the remote bundle and head strap.
    Thanks for the heads up
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  7. Tony_Noon

    Tony_Noon Well-Known Member YakPack

  8. Jt_03

    Jt_03 Active Member

    For those who have the Hero 4 Session and want to keep it constantly powered with a USB battery, prepare to be disappointed. You can't remove the battery door (you can on the Hero 5 Session). So, my original plan to put it in a cheap plastic waterproof housing a poke the usb cable through a hole in that housing is out. I came up with a half-assed solution last night: got the GoPro foam cover, cut a side hole for the battery door to remain open and the usb cable to go through. Hoping that the snug foam will keep it splash-proof. If camera falls in the water, it's gone. Risky, but I really want the ability for constant power.

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