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    So I head back home to upstate Western New York on Friday. Had one Hell of a 6 plus months exploring the different fisheries in Costa Rica. Made some great new friends and contacts for future trips when I am back next December. Yesterday, I went out with Captin Rich in his zodiak for some jigging. We head out to a reef which when we jigged last time produced some very good species. For my last trip, I did pretty well and gave our guards some goodies. Deep jigging will definitely something I will do more of next year. The possibilities are limitless for huge snappers and other species. DSCN2200.JPG DSCN2201.JPG

    On another note. If any of you would like some info on any of the fishing in Costa Rica. Trips or where to stay, Rentals, including my place, just send me a message. All of he trips I did were low budget. Being friends with guides and doing a little research can go a long way. See some of you in the Fall chasing zooms or fishing the tribs in WNY. And I hope to see some of you next year fishing with me too.:cool:
    Pura Vida!
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