BRD Division @ Striper Shootout..Win YETI Cooler - Rod & Reel + More !

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    Thats a NICE One!!!!

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    HOW 2 BARBIE: This video should help all of you that need that little push or some good tips, these 2 young men will show you how to BARBIE ;) Come join us !!!

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    Rules For BRD
    1. You must be entered in the 2017 NEFK Striper Shootout to take part in the Barbie Rod Division.

    2. The BRD will take place during the same time frame as the NEKF Striper Shootout and cover the same water (30 Mile Range of Winter Island)

    3. Fishing Rod must be a cartoon characters kids rod under 2’ 7”. Two brands that are pre- approved is the Shakespeare or Zebco kids rod cartoon character edition.

    4. Only line & leader can be changed on the rod, stickers or handle wrap is allowed.

    5. All fish caught must be photographed and measured showing overall length of fish, a picture also of the fish showing it hooked on the kids rod is advisable.

    6. If you are fishing in the artificial division of the Striper Shootout you must use artificial lures if you are entered in the BRD Division.

    Scoring & Additional Rules:
    * Scoring: Longest fish wins. In the event of a tie, the second largest fish of the participants that are tied will determine the winner. A tie beyond that will go to third largest fish and so on. Because of this, it is very important to document every fish you wish to submit for judging.

    * This is a catch, photo, & release event. Cameras can be digital, disposable or other. It is up the angler to have pictures to view by the weigh in. Please bring USB port cables for digital cams. Also, if your camera requires special software to access the images, it will be necessary to bring that software. For non digital cameras or any other style camera, anglers must have the film developed and brought back in time for weigh in.

    * Judging will be done from all submitted photos. Your kayak must be (at least partly) visible in the photo, along with the supplied NEKF identifier. NEKF will hand out an identifier at the captain's meeting. Anglers should write down the length of each fish caught to the nearest 1/4". Length is from the lips to the tip of the unpinched tail. Photos should show the fish with the supplied identifier. Anglers should make their best effort to show the fish in it's entirety.

    There will be 3 top prizes awarded and 3 additional prizes. Winner of the longest fish on any type species wins. The winner has first choice of the following and second place picks their prize after first place does, third place will be awarded what was not picked. There is also a prize for best picture & video also a prize for the smallest fish caught.

    YETI Hopper 30 COOLER ($349.00) PENN Clash 4000 Reel, PENN Battalion 7’ Rod, Spider Wire Braid (330.00+) PENN Battle II 5000 Reel, Ugly Stick Big Water Reel, Spider Wire Braid (234.00+)

    Special Prize for, Best Picture & Best Video & Smallest Fish

    Twenty dollars, goes to help Clean Our Waters, Approved rods are available at the event. All anglers in the event receive a BRD sticker 3" or 4" choice same as image below.

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    What if you plan on doing the open division of the Shootout? Can you still do the brd or is it for artificial only?
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    All are welcome in the BRD. If you fish the open in the Striper Shootout then you can fish bait or lures, we just want anyone fishing artificial stay with just artificial. If your fishing the fly division in the SS then fly's or artificial if your fishing the BRD also. Juniors welcome as well.

    BUNKER on the BARBIE 100% OK (If Fishing The Open Division In Shootout)
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    Weather Update: Don't forget the rain gear ! Just in case ? Still looking OK. Only 2 DAYS :)


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    Update 7:15 PM Winter Island: As the sun sets on the dawn of the 1st BRD Contest at the Striper Shootout the anglers are gathering for what will surely be a contest of chasing "Big Fish With A Little Rod"........ Let's The Games Begin !

    O Yea and all them great prizes have arrived also.


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