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    So I've got this little ritual a friend and I started this year. Every Wednesday before work my British friend Ryan and I fish for carp. We started this April and have been going strong since then. The Boston park we've been fishing had slowed down a bit so we tried something different.
    This Wednesday we tried a spot on the Charles that Ryan has fished before but I haven't. So I was up for it after the 1 or 2 fish sessions at the park I was up for a numbers day, regardless of size.The Charles usually gives up fish in numbers but seldom bigger than 20 lbs. I've fished the Charles a lot in the last 4 years and the biggest carp I've caught is a 24 lb Ghost carp. If fact I've probably less than 10 fish 20 lbs or better. I think Wilber has a couple with a 23 ghost as his best. Anyway we both got some bait in the day before and got on the water before sunrise. We both got our rods out and we were expecting action but it came just before we were starting to pack up. My left hand alarm went off and I was in. The river in this section is only about 3' deep so the fish run like crazy. This fish took a ton of line on its first run. Then it went way left on another hard run. I started thinking this could be a decent fish maybe 20 but who knows. I finally gained some line and the fish surfaced. That's gotta be 20 buddy!! Maybe a little better!! Think so? Ry. The fish took off again taking more line. WTF is going on?? I got the fish around 20' out and Ryan with the net says that's a biggun buddy! British accent crackin me up!! Finally after one of the best battles ever we got it in the net!!! Holy Shit buddy!!! I went straight into pucker mode. The fish was huge!!! Could go 30 buddy! Really? Gonna be close!! We got it on 2 scales and it topped out at 28-6! Absolute beast for this water. Biggest carp caught in the last 10 years and the second biggest known fish caught there. Took some pics and released the fish a happy , happy man.
    I had planned on fishing the salt that weekend but didn't like the tides so I joined Ryan back at the same spot Saturday. Ryan got some bait in late Friday and had seen a lot of fish while baiting so we were expecting something. Summer carp fishing is usually slow but the rivers fish better so Why not! We both had our rods out at the crack of dawn and it didn't take long and I was away. Fish fought like crazy! Long screaming runs. Right then left then right again! WTF is going on?? The fish went under the other 3 rods with me passing my rod under all of them to keep from tangling up! I got it close Looks pretty good buddy! Deja Vu ! Ryan get the net under it!! Big fish buddy! I look in the net. Is that the same fish? Might be buddy! We got it on the mat and saw the telltale red spot on its tail. Also had a red spot in its mouth from the other day. So I had the same fish twice in a row. Only you buddy!! Took a couple picks and let it go. Finished up with 3 for the morning. image.jpeg image.jpeg
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    Most excellent!
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    that IS a biggun
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    Fear the scally cap! Nice carp Leftus
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    WOW! these carp groups on facebook must think you are some kind of god! LOL!!
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    so whadya name that one????
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    Massive cool Lefty.
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    Very nice writeup.
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    Yeah Lefty, we miss your stories.

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