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Discussion in 'Salt Water (Main Forum)' started by gotstripers, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. gotstripers

    gotstripers Well-Known Member

    Years back when I was a boater, Westport always had some good action, but like any year it's all about bait and weather.
  2. Lefty

    Lefty Moderator

    I'm still a little skittish going down there. Only went 2 times last year and struck out both times. Every year is different . All depends on the bait. Hope to get down more this year.
  3. Jigz4Fish

    Jigz4Fish Member

    I was out there today and saw some weird fish chasing bait on the surface near the ledge. By the time I grabbed my pole I didn't see them anymore. Is it too early for albies? I had to come back in early because the swells got to me.
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  4. beef78

    beef78 Well-Known Member YakPack

    Probably a couple weeks early still. I have heard of more crazy things happening than a fish showing up early, though.
  5. macawbird

    macawbird Well-Known Member YakPack

    No comments from me till October... but gotstriper you know where to go you don't need us, see u out there
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  6. CookinFisherGal

    CookinFisherGal Active Member YakPack

    I work in Falmouth and the kayak goes to work with me. Happy to join anyone who wants to go out early or after 4 pm. I haven't done Albies yet.
  7. Tony_Noon

    Tony_Noon Well-Known Member YakPack

    If anyone has good reason to be skittish it's you Lefty. I still am super cautious around boaters after seeing your pictures and hearing your stories.
  8. Bones

    Bones Well-Known Member

    Like Bob said fish where there's rocks the size of small houses they don't mix well with boats
    Jigz if you were on the south side or RI there's a bunch of warm water fish moving around kings spainish and chub mackerel big warm water eddy move in two weeks ago check out Rutgers university sst charts you will see water temps charts

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